A March to Art: Identity

On 22 March 2017 ANVAM opened its inaugural exhibition celebrating veteran’s art titled A March to Art: Identity.

A link between veterans and the wider community, A March to Art: Identity offered an opportunity to redefine community perceptions of our new generation of veterans and engage the arts as a mechanism to explore identity. The inaugural exhibition for the Australian National Veterans Art Museum was a celebration of all veteran artists, their creativity and the role of arts in recovery.

A contemporary art exhibition featuring work by artists – young and older — who have served in the military or who are within a veteran’s family circle, the exhibition demonstrated the value of creativity as artists explore notions of identity, either for themselves or the veteran community.

The show featured more than 18 artists spanning a variety of creative media and art practices: digital photography, sculpture, quilting, painting, music recording, photojournalism, short film, and poetry. The exhibition included unique work created especially for the exhibition, together with award-winning pieces exhibited at state, national and international levels.